Below is a list of the artists we currently have on show, please click on the artist name to find out more!

Taking part in our current Show are;
           A Wooden Tree by Kirsty Anderson - Textiles
           Emily Moore - Printmaking
           Salty Philip by Lynn Macpherson - Illustration           
Also available are;
           Rebecca E. Patterson - Mixed media
           Sheila Angus - Ceramics
           Doreen Bothwell
- painter
           Debbie Neill - Painter
           Heather Maslen
- Photographer
           Sarah Coonan - Ceramist
           Fiona Duckett - Ceramics and jewellery
We also have browser work by:
           Colin Mathieson - Photographer
           Julie Beynon - Printmaker
           Anna Wright - Illustrator
           Nicola Chambury - printmaking
           Debbie Neill- Painter
           Morag Smith- Painter
           Gwen Black - Painter