Below is a list of the artists we currently have on show, please click on the artist name to find out more!

For the current 'Mixed Winter Show' please click
HERE to see more images from the artsits listed below;
           Doreen Bothwell - painter
           Debbie Neill - Painter
           Heather Maslen
- Photographer
           Gabi Reith - Painter
           Jude Edgar - Painter
           Lorraine Taylor - Painter
           Morag Smith - Painter
           Catherine Duthie - Painter
           Diana Tulloch - Painter
           Nicola Bonner - Painter
           Karen Castle-Anderson - Printmaker
           Suzie Mackenzie - Printmaker
           Lucy Brydon - Printmaker
           Phil Thompson - 3D maker
           Aubin Stewart aka Aubeebop Jewellery
           Mags Gray - Ceramist
Also available are;
           A Wooden Tree by Kirsty Anderson - Textiles
           Salty Philip
by Lynn Macpherson - Illustration           
           Sheila Angus - Ceramics
           Sarah Coonan - Ceramist
           Fiona Duckett - Ceramics and jewellery
We also have browser work by:
           Colin Mathieson - Photographer
           Julie Beynon - Printmaker
           Anna Wright - Illustrator
           Nicola Chambury - printmaking
           Debbie Neill- Painter
           Morag Smith- Painter
           Gwen Black - Painter