Below is a list of the artists and makers we currently have on show;

Doreen Bothwell - Painter
Karen Castle-Anderson
- Printmaker
Sandra Emslie
- Painter
Forbes Hogg
- Painter
Helen Forrest
- Painter
Karen Hadjitofi
- Painter
Anita Inverarity
- Illustrator
Julia Krone Oliver
- Painter
Suzie Mackenzie
- Printmaker
Rebecca E. Patterson
- Mixed Media artist
Morag Smith
- Painter
Lorraine Taylor
- Painter
Val Thomson
- Painter

A Prism of Starlings - Gifts and Illustrations
A Wooden Tree
- Textiles
Alison Phillips Jewellery
Aubeebop Jewellery
Candy Coated - Textiles
Hazey Designs
- Jewellery
- Pewter Gifts
Lorna Purvis
- Jewellery
Mags Gray Ceramics
Sarah Coonan - Ceramics
Shelia Angus
- Ceramics
Small Stories
- Gifts
Watergaw Ceramics